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Project Scope
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January 15, 2009




Project Scope

The purpose of the initial scope of services was to investigate the resources and practices of the Heart of Florida region to better understand how the group as a whole could achieve more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible integrated solid waste management programs beyond what could be achieved individually. Specific tasks associated with this initial study included the following.

• Identify current Alliance facilities, capacities and projected lifespan. These facilities include but are not limited to landfills, transfer stations, WTE plants, material recovery facilities, mulching/composting facilities, convenience centers.

• Identify potential or planned Alliance facilities, capacities and projected lifespan.

• Identify current and projected waste streams (commodities including but not limited to those listed below) being generated by both counties and other entities as they relate to Alliance facilities. (as it applies to member being surveyed)

- C&D
- Recyclables
- Yard waste
- White goods
- Tires
- Household hazardous waste
- Identify the current collection systems to include haulers names, contract terms and expiration, type of service provided, and future contract considerations.
- Facility data will be listed in order of remaining permitted and/or constructed capacity both in terms of years and volume from least to greatest.

The data gathered during this initial phase is foundational in starting to develop the final scope of services which will be dependent on the financial commitments made by individuals counties who wish to participate. Future contracted services will include research and provide information on the long term benefits of regional solid waste cooperation using existing, established regional solid waste models.